DevOps and Cloud Architecture Consulting

DevOps Expertise to Support Your Company

For over a decade, the concept of DevOps has been creeping into mainstream business vernacular but is not always fully understood — even in the IT community. The blistering pace of digital transformation, software development and change led to a fundamental shift in the way we approach IT project management. DevOps truly refers to change not only on the technology front but also shifts in corporate culture and the way organizations do business. Embracing open communication, cross-discipline teamwork and transparency, DevOps practitioners are highly skilled change leaders that are in high demand throughout the country. This can make it extremely difficult to hire a full-time DevOps professional to work with project teams, which is why Quantum IT is pleased to provide this service for businesses.

How DevOps Professionals Help Drive Change

The concept of DevOps requires breaking down silos, something that a consultant to your organization is uniquely positioned to recommend. It can be challenging for internal staff members to look holistically across your company and make sweeping recommendations for change. When you are working with an external DevOps professional, you might find that the suggestions are much more palatable to the staff than if they were initiated internally. The tight integration between teams allows for faster delivery as well as improved outcomes.

Bringing Development and Operations Together

Creating a cohesive software product in the minimal timeframe with maximum quality and efficiency are the hallmarks of DevOps leadership. The goal is to deliver even smaller chunks of functionality than you might expect with an Agile or Scrum project, but with a more sophisticated communication and vetting process throughout each stage of development. This enhanced style of communication is a learned outlook and might be challenging for individuals that are familiar with a different project management structure.

Adding a DevOps professional to your next IT project provides a level of training and leadership development that might be missing if you simply managed the project with all internal resources. Without this comprehensive strategy, it is all too easy for DevOps acceptance to be low within your team or to stumble with attempting the rapid release schedule required for success.