Cybersecurity Assessments

These are dangerous times, with cybercriminals targeting small to mid-size businesses at an alarming rate. Stay informed of vulnerabilities when you participate in regular threat assessments.

Reduce Business Risk with Proactive Cybersecurity Assessments

Operations and technology professionals have a complex and ever-changing role that probably isn’t even in their job description yet: cybersecurity consultant for your business. With cyberattacks costing small businesses an average of $200,000, it’s not surprising that these companies are going out of business at an alarming rate. It may not be possible to block every single attack on your organization, but adequate security and business continuity preparations will help give your company a fighting chance in the event of a cybersecurity incident or natural disaster.

Why Does My Business Need Regular Cybersecurity Assessments?

While IT professionals often keep a running list in their head or on paper of the security weaknesses that need to be addressed, it can be next-to-impossible to find every vulnerability in your company. When you work with an external team to complete cybersecurity assessments, you’re able to identify issues that might have otherwise been under the radar. A comprehensive assessment often results in a prioritized roadmap for change that can be implemented in a structured way.

What is Involved in Cybersecurity Assessments?

While each engagement is different, Quantum IT professionals will walk you through their recommendations for a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment. This could include:

  • Reviewing your staff training documentation
  • Creating security surveys
  • Reviewing network activity
  • Updating user software licenses
  • Restricting access to sensitive information to a “need-to-know” basis
  • Policy reviews
  • External threat assessments for websites
  • Database and business application review
  • Review of vendor or partner integrations and security levels
  • Penetration testing or white-hat incursions to your business systems
  • Assessment of the physical security of any servers that are onsite or co-located
  • WiFi endpoint, mobile device and IoT security analysis

Each stage of our cybersecurity assessment is designed to uncover any vulnerabilities, assess the potential threat and begin the conversation around remediation.

Whether your company’s operations are fully in the cloud, completely on-premise or somewhere in between, the professionals at Quantum IT can help. We will help you create a working plan that results in a more secure corporate infrastructure — as well as safeguarding a brighter future for your business.