Endpoint Protection

Don't let your endpoints be the weak link in your cybersecurity net. Endpoint protection is one of the most strategic defense mechanisms for your data and network.

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Don’t let your endpoints be the weak link in your cybersecurity net. Endpoint protection is one of the most strategic defense mechanisms for your data and network.   

With the proliferation of devices connecting to your company’s network, endpoint protection is becoming a hot topic in cybersecurity circles. Protecting your business means ensuring that each device is free of malware, viruses and other vulnerabilities that could easily be introduced into your network. Organizations of all sizes are struggling to keep pace with the evolution of the threat landscape, but aggressive endpoint protection is considered a key factor in maintaining secure and consistent infrastructure and operations for your company. More than simply antivirus protection, endpoint protection encompasses a suite of services and solutions that are all aimed at reducing the possibility of an attack on your network.

Why Your Business Needs Aggressive Endpoint Protection

Are you confident that your team has fully vetted all of the devices that are connecting to your corporate WiFi? Perhaps the company-issued phones or tablets, but what about the telephone repairman who saw the network ID and password lying around and decided to stream some Netflix while waiting to complete a project? From BYOD to contractors, wearables and other devices, it’s nearly impossible to police the various points of vulnerability in your network without aggressive security procedures. Each of these devices is a potential attack vector, where hackers are trolling on a regular basis to see if they can find a launch point for their nefarious deeds.

Enforcing Internet Usage Policies

Every technology professional knows that there are a few people on their network that are taking advantage of lax internet usage policies. This could be anything from the contractor streaming their favorite sitcom to multiple staff members visiting questionable sites on the internet. With advanced endpoint protection, you can be confident that your network is fully protected and your internet usage policies are being policed. This can help significantly reduce the risk that your organization will fall victim to a phishing attack or other web-borne threats.

Endpoint protection is a vital component of your overall cybersecurity strategy and one that could easily be overlooked or incorrectly implemented. If you’re not confident that your endpoint protection is up to par, contact the experts at Quantum IT to schedule your free initial consultation. We work with organizations throughout the South Florida region to create progressive solutions to evolving cybersecurity challenges. Our professionals are continually scouring the security landscape to stay abreast of new concerns.