Firewall Management

Your company's firewall may be all that's standing between your staff and a growing barrage of threats from around the world. See how finely-tuned firewalls can protect your business.

Protect Your Network with Advanced Firewall Management

There are threats surrounding your organization on any given day, but whether those threats make it within the walled garden of your network is often dependent on the strength of your firewall. Over 113 million sites were blocked by security leader Kaspersky in the first quarter of 2019 alone as containing malicious software. Plus, millions of new viruses and malware threats were added to the global landscape, with cybercriminals taking advantage of small to mid-size businesses at an alarming rate. Without access to advanced firewalls, these threats can easily overtake your company’s systems and create a waterfall effect of damage that could be devastating to your long-term business prospects. Active firewall management from Quantum IT provides an added layer of security for organizations in the South Florida area.

Next-Generation Firewalls Protect Against Evolving Threats

It is nearly impossible to determine how or when the next threat will evolve, making active firewall management a particularly important component of your cybersecurity strategy. Working with Quantum IT for your firewall management means access to professionals that are paying close attention to the threat landscape, continually looking for ways to improve your protection and fine-tune your firewall while scanning for anomalies. Complex algorithms are continually scanning your systems for potential intrusions, keying off of known indicators of malicious intent to trigger notifications to our firewall management team to investigate.

Components of Active Firewall Management

Simply plugging in a firewall and utilizing the stock installation settings will not provide you with an adequate layer of protection for your business. The professionals at Quantum IT are continually looking for ways to enhance your firewall, including:

  • Regular updates to firmware, features, signature services and more
  • Upgrading or updating security certificates
  • Reviewing current usage policies and recommending updates based on changing industry standards
  • Site content and domain blocks that are regularly reviewed and updated
  • VPN management, creation and deletion

Plus, we actively work with your internal IT team or technical professionals to ensure you have secure backups and a comprehensive disaster recovery/business continuity strategy in place. Together with a firewall, these strategies help ensure that your business is able to continue operations even in the event of a cyberattack or natural disaster.