Quantum IT
Your Outsourced IT Department

Is your IT team pulled in too many different directions to be effective? See how an outsourced IT department can help bring business priorities back into primary focus.

Streamline Operations and Increase Project Velocity with an Outsourced IT Department

Few small to mid-size organizations are able to support a full IT department and are often limping by with minimal IT support staff within the company. While this may make sense in terms of limiting headcount, it can make technology projects move painfully slowly, frustrating business users and leadership alike. Plus, you run the risk of discovering that your business has been impacted by a serious cybersecurity threat — and find yourself unequipped to handle the various issues that arise. Fortunately, the professionals at Quantum IT are well-versed in help desk support and are able to serve as a fully outsourced IT department for your business. This allows your internal IT staff members to provide a greater degree of strategic oversight, helping to develop roadmaps for upgrades and find ways to innovate for the future.

Understanding the Value of an Outsourced IT Department

Are your business users constantly complaining that their requests are answered too slowly — or not at all? If your IT professionals are being pulled in too many different directions, it’s difficult for them to provide the level of service that they know is best. Even staying up-to-date on the latest software platforms and security risks can be too much for a small IT department, while outsourced IT departments have the capacity needed to maintain ongoing education schedules while still providing exceptional service levels to users.

Reduce Costly Downtime and Boost Productivity

IT downtime is incredibly expensive, but the costs are often hidden within your standard business operations. For instance, it’s unlikely that users report the extra hour they had for a coffee break while their software was being updated. It’s difficult to capture and quantify the costs associated with a slow network that caused your customer service staff to input orders at half speed while waiting for screens to change. These instances leach productivity away from your business, but you may never actively see them or consider them as “downtime”. An outsourced IT department can help capture and quantify these issues, queueing them up for quick resolution. Creating this environment of proactive support enhances the relationship between your business and technology staff, too.