Strategic IT Consulting

Keeping standard projects moving forward often takes more hands than you have -- especially when it comes to implementing new platforms or making strategic IT moves.

Augment Internal Technology Staff with Strategic IT Consulting

The life of an IT professional is to have too many projects — and too little time to execute. You know there are important items that are waiting on your list, but it seems as though you never quite have time to get to them. Perhaps your business users are constantly making requests, or your servers need to be upgraded or software has critical patches to be applied . . . whatever the reason, those high-level strategic projects that you know will make a long-term difference to your company never seem to bubble to the top. The team at Quantum IT is familiar with this situation and is able to step in with strategic IT consulting services that can help reduce the pressure on internal IT teams.

Creating Technology Roadmaps

Your company’s technology infrastructure can make all the difference between having a fully-optimized and productive workforce versus disconnected staff members who are constantly complaining about the technology solutions they use in their daily work. The technology that supports your business needs strategic oversight, with a high-level roadmap of upcoming changes and a regular review of the competitive software landscape. Without this type of 30,000-foot view, your IT team may be stuck in the continuous grind of patching and putting together “good enough” solutions while your competitors soar ahead with consolidated IT solutions.

How Strategic IT Consulting Adds Value to Your Business

The team at Quantum IT has over a decade of experience creating business value for organizations of all sizes, leveraging our knowledge of both technology solutions and business to create true value for your company. Our proven strategic IT consulting services are ideal for system migrations, software upgrades, shifting your business to the cloud, optimizing your infrastructure or operations and more. Working with an external consulting partner provides a different lens on problems that your teams may be too close to fully resolve.

Focus on Excellence with Each Engagement

We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients with each interaction, creating a flexible and extensible model that supports today’s fast-moving companies. We carefully research each solution before making a recommendation, providing you with a high degree of confidence that the solution will be a good match for your organization. After providing strategic IT support for dozens of large projects, we understand that the technical solutions are only a portion of the decision and are always looking for software that also fits the personality profiles of the users.