Supplemental IT Services

Not quite ready to give up any control of your IT support, yet know you need an extra set of hands -- or three? Co-managed IT support may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Create a Co-Managed Technology Strategy with Supplemental IT Services

One of the key frustrations for internal IT teams is their inability to get to the requests of users in a timely manner. Technology staff are often very service-oriented and want nothing more than to be a great partner to their business colleagues. With all the various demands on their time, this becomes an increasing challenge to the point that IT teams have to choose whether to apply critical software patches or reset user passwords and provide licensing administration. As your company grows, many IT teams are finding supplemental IT services from the professionals at Quantum IT to be the ideal solution that allows internal teams to retain control while leaning on external experts for assistance as needed.

Supplemental IT Services Provide Support for Day-to-Day Activities

“Death by a thousand cuts” is one of the favorite analogies of technology teams — and for good reason! It is not unusual for these talented professionals to see their entire day siphon away, leaving them shaking their heads at the end of the week and wondering how they got so off-track. Working with a team to provide supplemental IT services gives the power and control back to internal IT teams so they are able to more effectively focus on the initiatives that will help move the organization forward, reducing the mundane activities to a more manageable level.

Prioritizing Business Opportunities . . . and Risks

A supplemental IT services model provides a greater focus on business opportunities as well as the ability to spot risks and quickly launch remediation. Working with your co-managed technology partners at Quantum IT creates synergy around IT initiatives that leverages the knowledge and experience of both teams to improve outcomes and boost operational efficiencies. Your Quantum IT experts will provide strategic frameworks around key business initiatives such as data storage and privacy compliance, analytics and reporting, application integration and selection and disaster recovery solutions. With supplemental IT services, you are effectively extending the reach of your technology team and encompassing experts from a wide variety of backgrounds that can add value to your business.