Linux Support

There’s never been a better time for organizations that are utilizing powerful and cost-effective platforms like Linux.

Proactive Linux Support Helps You Harness These Powerful Tools

There’s never been a better time for organizations that are utilizing powerful and cost-effective platforms like Linux. It can be a challenge to find trusted Linux support that truly understands this type of open-source software, and how it differs from other mainstream platforms. Linux advocates recognize that their platforms are ideal for high-performing teams that are looking for innovation at speed — without the high fees associated with more traditional software models. If your business requires specialized applications or extensive integrations, Linux is often the platform of choice.

As an added bonus, organizations may find that their Linux platform provides an added level of security as the majority of cyberattacks are aimed at Windows-based systems. With Linux support from Quantum IT, your company can be confident that you’re taking full advantage of the power and flexibility of Linux and other open-source solutions.

Linux Support for Migrations and Upgrades

Transitioning from legacy systems to a newer Linux platform can create a host of problems for your organization, from security to integrations. Fortunately, the team at Quantum IT is well-versed in working with many different Linux configurations.

  • Migrations and Linux upgrades
  • UNIX to Linux
  • Windows to Linux
  • Databases on Linux platforms
  • Linux servers

Of course, each conversation with our Linux professionals will involve discussions around security and how it can best be implemented to support the unique needs of your organization.

Solving Complex Network Problems

Network and security requirements continue to evolve, adding to the complexity that must be handled by your internal technology professionals. Working with the Linux support experts at Quantum IT helps extend the knowledge outside the borders of your organization, drawing on best-practices from companies of all types and sizes. Leveraging open source solutions to solve tough business problems requires careful review of the software platform, matching business needs to technical solutions in a way that ensures your business stays secure.

Integrating Open Source Solutions

Anytime your business makes a shift between open source and more traditional software solutions, the integration point could potentially be a security weakness. Working with Linux support professionals that are familiar with this type of integration or migration between platforms helps ensure that you are taking all potential security risks into consideration and actively looking for ways to extend the functionality of the platforms securely.