Server Virtualization

Are you shifting business models to the cloud or simply exploring your options? Server virtualization may provide the flexible, extensible solution that works for your growing business.

Become Hardware Agnostic with Server Virtualization

Most IT professionals realize that their business is only using a small fraction of their server processing capacity at any given time. They also know that they need to plan ahead for those unexpected spikes such as an online sale or story that goes viral and redundancy in case of natural disaster or cybersecurity incident. This is particularly important in the South Florida area where the weather can be unpredictable, to say the least. While it is not a new concept, some companies have resisted moving to server virtualization for a variety of reasons but it can provide a great deal of value to your organization. With the professionals from Quantum IT on your side, many of the traditional reasons to shy away from virtualization are minimized or eliminated as you will have a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready and willing to help support your shift to the cloud.

Experienced Support for Server Virtualization Projects

Shifting business models require a variety of skill sets and strategies. The team at Quantum IT has experience working with VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V and other key server virtualization technologies, supporting organizations of various sizes and implementation strategies. Whether you are more comfortable moving completely to a cloud-based solution, looking for space in a data center or are more interested in on-premise solutions, we can help you walk through the various questions and research needed to determine the best options for your company.

Hardware Agnostic Solutions That Support the Modern Enterprise

Companies move to server virtualization to reduce their overall hardware costs, boost security, centralize the management of their server capacity and more rapidly deploy additional servers. While it may take upwards of three weeks to provision a traditional server, well-defined business rules for server virtualization can dramatically reduce that timeline. This helps businesses scale more quickly and efficiently without pulling high-salaried IT professionals away from important projects simply to build a new server.

Plus, you are reducing the capacity that is simply waiting around to be utilized, a definite cost-savings that business and IT professionals alike will appreciate. Quantum IT also provides proactive monitoring and service that helps ensure your servers are always up-to-date, running efficiently and without unusual activity.